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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Home building costs

Often we talk with clients or potential clients who have some idea of the square foot costs of building a new home. So in their planning they take the size home they want and multiply it by the square footage costs they have heard from friends or contractors and believe that should be the cost of their completed home. Of course most people would also include the cost of the land and some would remember to ad in the cost of a loan. But their are other costs. If you click on this link you can get a pretty good idea of the total costs and even see how much you would have to sell the home for to make a profit on your construction.

It's an excell spreadsheet, you can plug in the numbers shown in red that fit your situation. I've refined it over many years so it has become pretty accurate. If you would like a copy that you can use on your computer and print out, email us and for a small fee we will send you one. john@hm-architects.com

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