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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Virtual Reality it's here for architects

Review of Vectorworks Virtual Reality

By John Helm, Architect

When Vectorworks Inc. releases their 2017 version there will be one new feature that just may change the way we look at architectural design.  Virtual Reality, better known as VR, is a hot topic these days; the big names are all involved as are a few startups.   For the last few months I have been allowed to watch and even give a few suggestions as the programmers at Vectorworks have developed their new feature Web View/Virtual Reality.
Here is a quote from one of the programmers:  We are making Virtual Reality available to everyone – we are taking design out from behind the flat computer screen, and placing it all around the viewer making the design a very real physical experience.  The shape and forms surround the viewer and, this is available at any time - for anyone.”

In keeping with their ever expanding list of tools for architects, engineers, set and lighting designers, landscaped architects, and designers of just about anything physical, Vectorworks will add this new feature which allows the viewer of a design to immerse himself in the design. And the ability to do this does not come with the usual heavy price tag.  There is no need to buy anything other than the Google Cardboard type headset which can be had for as little as $15.  One would also need a pretty good smartphone.  But most of us already have one.

So what does this thing do; how does it work.  Simplicity is the key word.  You the designer can take your 3D model, your BIM, of your latest project to the level of detail you want.  Then while being online click on a new export feature that sends the model to the Vectorworks cloud.  After a bit of a wait your model will pop up in your internet viewer.  Now you can explore the model in 3D.  You can send the link to a client and by clicking on it the client can also view the model in 3D.  But here comes the fun part.  Copy the link to and open it on a smart phone then click on the Virtual Reality icon. Now the image of the model will change to a stereoscopic view.  Put the phone in your Google goggles and you are in.  That is inside the model.  You can walk around and look around all you want.  You can go up and down stairs.  Of course there are a few limitations.  It’s not going to be high definition and I suppose there will be some limits on the size of the model.  There’s a little bit of a learning curve in order to export the model and get oriented and in the right location when you start viewing.  But really the sense of actually being in the space and being able to walk around in it is amazing. 

Imagine the set designer can put himself in the audience and actually see what the spectators will see.  The landscape designer can walk through the garden.  The interior designer can put his client in the living room with all the new furniture in place and if the client hates it, he can save making a big mistake.  The architect can walk through his design and get a real feel for it before letting the client do the same while giving himself a chance to make changes.  Or let the client and his partner view the model using two different headsets and both can be exploring the new design at the same time. 

In my review of Vectorworks 2016 I mentioned the possibilities of virtual reality, “The next step is the use of visualization goggles to let the viewer immerse himself in our architecture before it’s built. “  Well I didn’t think it would be happening so soon.  Vectorworks just introduced this feature at their Design Summit and in a recent press release.  This is the tool that will change how we work.  


From this screen shot imagine you can start walking and looking all around as you walk.

Never before have we been able to actually put our clients right in the middle of a design, then let them look around in all directions. They can walk from room to room, even up and down stairs as if they were actually in the completed structure.   The people at Vectorworks are not telling you to spend $3,000 on some googles and upgrade your computer.  It is practically free and easy to use.

Let your clients see how the remodel of their townhome will look as if inside it.

OK, so back to reality.  The system I have been trying out still needs a bit of work.  But these guys at Vectorworks are like a bunch of mad scientists working on this thing day and night. I’m sure that by the time they come out with the official release version it will be beautiful. 

I should also mention that this new feature is not just for Virtual Reality.  By putting it in the cloud a link to the model can be sent anywhere and opened with a typical web viewer and then viewed in normal 3D. One can then orbit around it or walk through on the computer screen.  That’s a nice feature by itself.

The Google Cardboard viewer, yes it is made of cardboard.  But there are more sophisticated versions.


Virtual Reality viewing of designs from buildings to gardens is the next big thing.  Gaming has made many if not most of us familiar with an immersive experience in which we feel as if we are in a place or a world that does not really exist.  Even though games are for the most part just a pastime they have really paved the way for much more important uses of the technology that has developed around them.  That technology is rapidly changing the way we view things, from medicine to engineering and to all the fields of design.

Vectorworks is taking a big step in making Virtual Reality available to anyone who has their program.  They are making it easy to export a 3D model, that once exported is very user friendly. Any client can just put on his Google Cardboard headset and go Virtual.

It may be the one thing that brings many of those reluctant to join the BIM movement into the community of designers already working their designs in 3D. 


Sunday, May 01, 2016

Virtual Reality - We have it now

Buildings in the future will be designed with people in mind. That is what the article posted below says. Wow I always thought that is what we architects always do.  At least that is what I do.  Anyway here is something I think is exciting.  Scroll down to the part about virtual reality.  This is one area where clients will be able to experience the design before it's built in a way that will truly allow them to provide input to the architect and participate in the design process.  Not only is this exciting in general but it is for me personally because we at Helm & Melacini Architects are already into the technology.  Yes we can offer our clients the virtual reality experience.  It is totally new and so we are still a couple of months away from the final product.  But think of it; take a walk through your new office complex, rearrange your furniture and add a wall or two to your home and immediately see the result as if you were actually in the space.  That's what we are able to offer our clients.  http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-35763753